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What are we building?

Making India Virtually Accessible,

We want to push our country forward with our unique new age platform that makes travel, commerce & living in India easier and more accessible.

Consumer Portal

New Commerce For The New Age!

Our Platform is dedicated to transforming the Indian Business Community and bringing them digitally in a new and fascinating manner.

My Experience

Share your experiences with the people making India more hospitable.

Near Me

Near me helps you locate what you are looking for such as gourmet restaurants or ethnic tailors. Everything is just a search way!

My Community

It helps you keep informed, connected to your society, and connect with people near you easier and more efficiently.

My Account

Finds you your favorite products, and updates you on your interesting new stores, your favorite stores, and more.


Exploring offers you the opportunity to locate new exciting events, offers, activities, endeavors, and businesses near you to make your living in your society more exciting and fun.

our platform

What Makes Us Different?

Direct Connect

Our Platform offers real connections with business owners and infrastructures that let people have real relationships with businesses.

Rules Of Infrastructures

Infrastructure rules and guidelines directly inform the consumer and confirm that they are okay with the terms of sellers.

Major Discounts Directly From Infrastructure!

Direct discounts from infrastructures, that not bring you true value directly from the consumer.

Hands On 24/7 Support

our team will make sure to explain and guide you pre and post sale. Complete guide and easement process.


Complete Industries
On Your Palm

Focuses on growing and scaling industries by bringing them all together on a singular platform.

Fresh Basket

Nearby Stores Direct Suppply To You!

Electronics Store

A Place for your gadgets and gizmos.

Your Care Store

Find All Your Personal Care At The Earliest!

Fitness World

From Personal Trainers to gym equipments.

Clothing & Textiles Store

Complete Textile industry on your screen.

Hardware Store

Looking for redecorating do it yourself or get help.

calculator, paperclip, ballpoint pen-178127.jpg

Stationery Store

Find your needs of work with our platform.

Animal Palace

From pet stores to vetenaries and everything you need.

Travel Guide

your guide on travelling from travel agents to direct booking opportunities

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seller portal

Seller Features

Seller Features that make businesses grow on the platform are what we are determined on giving a chance of growth to every business in every industry.

Our Best Features

Seller Features
On Our Platform

Get industry-driving features for your business move into the digital age with ease and scale.

Our Best Features

Seller Features
On Our Platform

Get industry-driving features for your business move into the digital age with ease and scale.

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About Merabharat

Finest Marketing Private Limited

Weaving India's Digital Tapestry.
Proud Creator & Custodian of Merabharat.net

About Merabharat


As we build merabharat, for protection of technology this website is not connected to the portal but is to highlight our idea and our upcoming platform, it is here to provide guidance, information and clarity. it does not contain all features and information in regards to the platform and is regularly updated for maximum information.

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